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Demographic demise

From Michael Roberts Blog: . “Why is investment in new technology so sluggish and thus failing to restore productivity growth?  The main reason for low investment in capitalist economies is that capitalists do not think it is profitable to invest in new technology to replace labour. Indeed, in the post Great Recession period, in many […]

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Brazil’s Tropical Trump

By Michael Roberts: The solution of the rich and the Bolsonaro administration will be ‘austerity’, namely yet further cuts in public spending (many Brazilian state governments are already bust and starved of funds), privatisations and deregulation of industry and the banks – but, above all, the destruction of Brazil’s state pension scheme. The victory of […]

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Futuro Incerto by Wilustra in Deviant

Brazil: the debt dilemma

Originally posted on Michael Roberts Blog:
Brazil faces a presidential election in October 2018.  This will offer a new benchmark for which way Brazilian politics and the economy will go.  Will a coalition of pro-big business parties and a president win or will a coalition led by the Workers party return to power under a…

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Excessive credit, rentier capital and crises

By Michael Roberts: “It is a delusion or a fetish to look at credit as the main or only cause of crisis.  In a capitalist economy, profit rules.  If you deny that, you are denying that capitalism is the right term to describe the modern economy.   Maybe it would be better to talk about […]

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Keynes, civilisation and the long run

By Michael Roberts: – “To avoid the situation where in the long run we are all dead, Keynes reckoned that you must sort out the short run.  But the short run cannot be sorted to avoid the long run.  Deliver full employment and all will be well, he thought.  Yet, now in 2017, we have […]

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Workers of the world cannot unite…

By Michael Roberts: In a recent post I relayed the results of a study of the global inequality of wealth (that’s property and financial assets) recently produced by the top experts in the field, Tony Shorrocks and Jim Davies (Global-wealth-inequality).  The study revealed that the top 1% of wealth holders in the world had 41% […]

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Brazil: the carnival is over

By Michael Roberts: “The nationwide street demonstrations of the past few weeks have sent shockwaves through Brazil’s political elite. There is widespread discontent with a ruling class that is seen as self-serving and corrupt.  More than a million Brazilians have poured on to the streets in recent weeks to protest against a litany of grievances, […]

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