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Crisis in the home of Participatory Budgeting

Aaron Schneider: [excerpt] The new idea of participatory budgeting, technical accuracy, appears to limit the independence and innovation of civil society. Further, the new practice of participatory budgeting, hierarchical decision-making, seems likely to demobilize the poor, removing their political agency and transforming them from citizens into supplicants. They are no longer mobilized as a support- […]

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The New Philippine Left and Participatory Local Governance

By Nathan Gilbert Quimpo: Following government decentralization, a new left party in the Philippines, Akbayan, together with allied people’s organizations and NGOs, has undertaken a program in participatory local governance promoting popular empowerment. Akbayan’s emerging radical democratic model of local governance is contending not just with the politico-economic elite’s ‘patrimonial’ approach, but also with other alternative models – the […]

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