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Democracia participativa y sostenibilidad ambiental

Por Benjamin Goldfrank: [EXTRACTO] ” (…) los mandatos nacionales solo han logrado hasta ahora un éxito limitado a la hora de fomentar la participación ciudadana y ampliar el acceso a los servicios públicos. Si muchos alcaldes se niegan a realizar una implementación total del pp, o lo aplican con prácticas corruptas o criterios partidistas, los […]

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Care Work and the Commons

By Massimo de Angelis: It is becoming increasingly clear that the current economic, social and environmental crises are degrading the conditions of everyday life for a vast range of people in many parts of the world, and are even posing apocalyptic threats to our social and ecological reproduction. It is also clear that the global […]

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The tragedy of the capitalist commons

By Massimo De Angelis Professor of Political Economy at the University of East London Excerpt “Increasingly, the idea of the commons seems to function less as an alternative to capitalist social relations, and more like their saviour. One example of this is the way the issue of climate change is being framed within a discourse of ‘global […]

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