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Abschied vom Gebrauchswert

(Adeus ao valor de uso) Por Robert Kurz: Como nós o amámos, o valor de uso! Foi sempre a categoria predilecta da esquerda na crítica da economia política. Para o marxismo tradicional, que se iludiu com uma versão positivista da teoria marxiana, trata-se com efeito duma definição positiva, ontológica, em todo o aparelho conceptual do […]

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Immunitarian Democracy

By Roberto Esposito 1. Does “community” refer to democracy? If not, could it or is it too deeply embedded in the conceptual lexicon of the Romantic, authoritarian and racist Right? This is the question, one already asked by American neo-communitarianism, that is emerging again in Europe at the precise moment when, some, especially in France […]

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The catechism of the citizen: politics, law and religion in, after, with and against Rousseau

By Simon Crhichley: “(…) is politics conceivable without religion? The answer is obviously affirmative as the evidence of various secular political theories testifies. But is politics practicable without religion? That is the question. And that is the question that Rousseau’s thinking of politics faces. Can politics become effective as a way of shaping, motivating and […]

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