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Brazil: the debt dilemma

Era uma vez um país chamado Brasil…

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Brazil faces a presidential election in October 2018.  This will offer a new benchmark for which way Brazilian politics and the economy will go.  Will a coalition of pro-big business parties and a president win or will a coalition led by the Workers party return to power under a leftist president (possibly Lula, the former president)?

Nobody I met in my visit to Brazil last week was sure what would happen.  International capital is optimistic that the current neo-liberal administration will gain a four-year term, possibly under former vice-president Temer or maybe Sao Paulo Mayor Joao Doria, a businessman and former TV show host.  Doria has expressed presidential ambitions and urged ‘centrist parties’ (ie pro-big business) to forge a common platform to combat ‘extremist candidates’ (Workers party). He appears to be Brazil’s version of Donald Trump.  He wants to “gradually” sell off Brazil’s greatest state asset, oil giant Petrobras. “There…

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  1. A quantidade de CPFs negativados no Brasil chegou a 59,76 milhões no final de junho de 2017, um volume 1,5 milhão superior ao do final do ano passado e equivalente a 39,6% da população com idade entre 18 e 95 anos. Vide: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,numero-de-cpfs-negativados-cresce-1-5-milhao-no-1-semestre,70001884482

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