The Coming Insurrection

By Comité Invisible

La Fabrique Editions, 2007

“Whatever angle you look at it from, there’s no escape from the present. That’s not the least of its virtues. For those who want absolutely to have hope, it knocks down every support. Those who claim to have solutions are proven wrong almost immediately. It’s understood that now everything can only go from bad to worse. “There’s no future for the future” is the wisdom behind an era that for all its appearances of extreme normalcy has come to have about the consciousness level of the first punks. The sphere of political representation is closed. From left to right, it’s the same nothingness acting by turns either as the big shots or the virgins, the same sales shelf heads, changing up their discourse according to the latest dispatches from the information service. Those who still vote give one the impression that their only intention is to knock out the polling booths by voting as a pure act of protest. And we’ve started to understand that in fact it’s only against the vote itself that people go on voting. Nothing we’ve seen can come up to the heights of the present situation; not by far. By its very silence, the populace seems infinitely more ‘grown up’ than all those squabbling amongst themselves to govern it do. Any Belleville chibani is wiser in his chats than in all of those puppets’ grand declarations put together. The lid of the social kettle is triple-tight, and the pressure inside won’t stop building. The ghost of Argentina’s Que Se Vayan Todos is seriously starting to haunt the ruling heads.”

Read full book here (English Version) – Tarnac 9 support commitee.
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