The New Philippine Left and Participatory Local Governance

By Nathan Gilbert Quimpo:

Following government decentralization, a new left party in the Philippines, Akbayan, together with allied people’s organizations and NGOs, has undertaken a program in participatory local governance promoting popular empowerment. Akbayan’s emerging radical democratic model of local governance is contending not just with the politico-economic elite’s ‘patrimonial’ approach, but also with other alternative models – the far left’s ‘revolutionary approach’ and the ‘new’ right’s revised neoliberal perspective. Propagating World Bank-style ‘good governance’ and ‘new public management’, the revisionist neoliberals have not really challenged oligarchic rule and are, in fact, working in unholy cohabitation with traditional politicians. Akbayanis fighting an uphill battle as the new managerialists dominate the governance discourse in the publicsector, business and civil society.

This paper was presented at the Fourth European Association for South-East Asian Studies (EUROSEAS) Conference, 2 September 2004, Paris, France. It has been integrated in a forthcoming book, Contested Democracy and the Left in the Philippines, New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies, 2006.

Read full article: quimpo-euroseas-paper.pdf

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