Beyond neoliberal governance

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: [Excerpt]

The cleavage between two major parts of civil society explains the centrality of the principle of selection in the governance matrix. The selected-in civil society is the liberal civil society because only its organizations share the values that underlie self-regulated coordination and partnership. Problem solving and social cohesion are best achieved when politics or ideology does not interfere with the construction of common goals and common interests. Only open-ended, fragmented, pragmatic conceptions of interests and benefits can be made intelligible to and have an impact on the market, the most flexible and indeterminate institution of all, thereby helping the market s to flourish unimpeded by its all too evident failures.

In light of this, neoliberal governance operates what De Angelis calls the “Polanyi’s inversion”. While Polanyi argued that the economy is embedded in society, the governance matrix is premised upon the need to embed society in the economy.

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Beyond Neoliberal Governance

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