Urban struggles in Porto Alegre: between political revolution and transformism

By Sérgio Baierle:

There are two ways to react to the relatively small relevance that popular participation eventually achieved in the Lula administration. One of them is the critique of  constraints internal to the government, of political views that were consolidated as advocacy guidelines  and have prevented the few participatory channels from carrying out projects of large-scale social mobilization. The other one seeks to build up  limits once again by using the advances of participatory processes themselves at local, provincial and national  level. For both forms there may be a governmental perspective as well as a perspective from civil society and social movements. There may be also a conservative outlook, seeking to impede a potential popular participation, and a progressive or radical outlook, which sees in participation a way for the citizenry to gain control of the government and/or a path to social emancipation. It’s from this last perspective that we intend to get started here. 

Urban Struggles in Porto Alegre




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